Au Violon Dingue
Some examples of creations:

Create a unique item with a personalized decoration (portrait, landscape, monogram, etc...), it is enough for that to contact us by email by joining a maximum of information to us (form, drawings, photographs, sizes, colors, provisions, etc...) we will provide you an answer as soon as possible and a free estimate if we can carry it out.

"Homage in Embrun"
piece of collection, diameter 50cm

"Pépin the dog wizard"
1st violin that was equipped with its ropes and electrified but that finished badly at the time of a "beuf" between musicians friends!...

"The Tarasque"
The famous Tarasque of the famous country of Tartarin of Tarascon! 60cm * 40cm

Plate of house personalized
Some among you don't lack an imagination ! Please really translate the notes do-mi-si-la-do-ré mid by: Domicile adored

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