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Give your co-ordinates and order all the items which you would wish to have; Once your selection finished, click on: your "basket" within the framework: " Address delivery/Wedding list" note down: address of delivery (if it different from your co-ordinates...), wedding list of..., closing date it..., reception for... You can also personalize your pieces, in this case, specify it: (example: note under all the pieces: Juliet and Romeo on June 21 2004) if somebody made known to you this list, indicate: on behalf of... (e-mail), we will contact him to send a gift of thanks! To validate your wedding list click on: "Record my order" you here on the page of payment, click on: "payment by check" this definitively will record your wedding list, of course, you do not send a check! it remain you that to Warn your guests here  to go themselves on this page where your list will appear under 24 hours maximum. Note: envisage a delay to 7 minimums days between the closing date of your list and its date of reception. Your gift surprise will be sent to you at the same time. If your list were already deposited and that you wish to remove or add a item(s), made me knowledge by e-mail by clicking the animation to the left. I would do what is necessary. You will be able to preserve your list on the site as many as time than wish it to you desire, thus the absents to marriage or the new friends will be able to participates later !

How to place an order on a list ?
Click on the list of your choice then order the items that you want in the shop; Attention: in giving your co-ordinates in the cadre "destination " indicate the country of the future married because all the orders theirs will be delivery at the closing of the list. Once your selection finished, click on " Basket ", within the framework " Address delivery / Wedding list " note" for the wedding list of... (first name and second name)" do not forget of choose your gift, we will delivery it as soon as possible to you! To validate your order, click on: "Record my order" To note: The items ordered are brought up to date every 24 hours on the corresponding list; If an article were already order the very same day by a other person, you will be immediately informed by e-mail of the cancellation of your order; If the payment were already sent, it will be destroyed or refunded on its arrival.

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Wedding list of Miss Juliette and Mr. Romeo (example)

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