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Calendar of metal, built-in clock and reminder

Sold -30% is 6,3 € instead of 9 € Calendar metal cream, white and brown color with integrated clock and reminder, printing postcard once, perfect for retro decor in the kitchen or dining room. 30x6cm

6,3 € 

Ceramic bird sparrow 2

Sold -25% is 1;5 € instead of 2 €
Sparrow lying, snow and bundled up to withstand the rigors of winters, cream-colored and raw ceramic; deco mountain 9x6x8cm

1,5 € 

Ceramic bird sparrow sitting 1

Sold -25% is 1,5 € instead of 2 €
Sparrow sitting, snow and wrapped to withstand harsh winters, cream-colored ceramic and raw; deco mountain 9x6x8cm

1,5 € 

Ceramic candle holder shaped blue rose

Ceramic candle holder, ceramic shaped blue rose; 8x8x8cm
Sold -20% is 8 € instead of 10 €

8 € 

Chandelier up in red translucent glass

Sold -20% is 19,2 € instead of 24 €
Large chandelier up, translucent red glass candle holder; 15x14x54cm

19,2 € 

Collection cock hen pepper and beige ceramic salt

Sold -20% is 18 € instead of 23 € Egg cup 12 eggs out of brown wrought iron, pepper plantation and salt box out of ceramics; earthenware with decoration brown cock and sowing of cream-coloured flowers. 25x25cm

18 € 

Cushion polyester blue and white gingham

Sold -40% is 9 € instead of 15 € Cushion polyester gingham blue and white, 40x40cm

9 € 

Cushion rectangle polyester blue and white gingham

Sold -40% is 10 € instead of 17 €
Large rectangle cushion in blue and white gingham polyester 35x60cm

10 € 

Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer beads

Sold -20% is 7,2 € instead of 9 €
Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer light yellow. 180cm

7,2 € 

Garland of pearls embraces polymer

Garland of pearls, gray polymer that can be used to embrace curtain. 42x2cm Sold -50% is 1.5 € instead of 3 €

1,5 € 

Glass vase green

Sold -20% is 8 € instead of 10 € Glass vase green, skewed original form, 10x22cm

8 € 

Glove with manic Little Chef

Sold -50% is 3,5 € instead of 7 €
Together with a glove and a mitt cream and beige linen with inscription 'Little Chef', child-sized hand or fine; 15x21cm

3,5 € 

Hen egg egg cup holder wrought iron brown

Sold -20% is 12 € instead of 15 € 6 chicken egg cups decorated with wrought iron brown. 20x18x22cm

12 € 

Hunting of the elephant

Sold -40% is 1174 € instead of 1957 €
L 50cm * l 40cm Very large oval dish slap modeling, with fashioned rim painted in blue camaieu according to the engraver Florentin Antonio Tempesta. On the rim are laid the decorations of lambrequins in alternation with floral motifs. Note that the scene emphasize an action of hunting finished (made rather rare in earthenware of Moustiers) to focus the attention on the ivory invaluable in this time. A museum piece of the factory of Clérissy to XVIIIe century is preserved to the Arbaud Museum in Aix-en-Provence in France.

1174 € 

Ladybird pendetif, pick-box or crib

font color=#CD3A49>Sold -40% is € 3 instead of € 5
L 6cm * L 4cm * H 2,5cm decorative Ladybird into pendentive or from now on like crib or pick-box with its slit on the top of the back. (click on the magnifying glass to see the new model)

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