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Flowerpots on foot wrought iron decor cat

Here are 2 planters on foot wrought iron decorated sheets to better take root where hangs a colorful cat under its umbrella, we all know, cats do not like water! 45cm de hauteur et 30 de large; taille d'1 cache pot 10x10x18cm

19 € 

Friends Picture Frame in wood look aged by time

Large picture frame with beige aged by time and registration wrought 'friends' iron appearance, 49x1, 5x46cm

24 € 

Frog Set of 4 frogs gardeners

4 assorted frogs white resin, green and purplish blue, equipped with utensils do not dépareilleront to decorate the cabin or garden delight collectors! size of a frog: 12x10x25cm

43 € 

Fruit bowl / mute servant ceramic plate 2 levels

Silent servant on 3 levels with serrated ceramic trays, perforated white and silver color metal frame; 23x23x37cm

19 € 

Fruit bowl plate dish eastern brown metal

Large fruit bowl or oriental perforated plate, flat brown, 43x43x4cm

37 € 

Fruit morel out of decorative ceramic earthenware

Decorative earthenware morel modelled with the hand, each part is single; 9x4x3cm the price relates to only one morel sold with the unit.

11 € 

Fruits Decorative strawberries earthenware modeled and hand painted

Decorative fruit to decorate ceramic bowl or fruit bowl, ideal for table decoration; Set of 13 strawberries with 4 leaves earthenware modeled and painted hand; varying sizes of 1 to 3 cm.

18 € 

Full wall lamp

L 30cm * l 12,5cm * H 11cm; 75w maximum Full bracket.

30 € 

Funnel with jam

Funnel with jam handle turned hand; contenace: 3/4 of liter approximately, of what not to let to you surprise when you directly pour the jam of a casserole! L 18cm X L 13 cm X H 11cm (diameter top: 13cm, of bottom: 6cm)

17 € 

Garden gnome figurine flute musician resin cream

Dwarf decorative garden or house, musician flutist, miniature cream colored resin; 15x8x20cm

11 € 

Garden gnome figurine in resin bass player cream

Dwarf decorative garden or house, musician bass, resin figurine in cream; 15x8x20cm

11 € 

Garden gnome figurine welcome beige resin

Decorative garden gnome or home welcoming, resin figurine beige, 25x11x29cm

19 € 

Gardener pot wrought iron garden

Gardener with decorative wrought iron small pot, you can register on the name plate of the plant or use them as reminders useful for the garden. 29x12x40cm

17 € 

Gardener pricks out of wrought iron for the garden

Prick out of wrought iron representing a gardener to delimit your plantations of sowing in your garden or quite simply to embellish it. 18x2x110cm

11 € 

Garland apple wood and metal

Apple garland of white wood and metal color silver 184cm

12 € 

Garland driftwood blue and natural pearls and hearts

Driftwood garland with blue and natural pearls and hearts. 100cm

12 € 

Garland of decoration out of fabric and pearls

Guarland of decoration out of fabric and red pearls and green lights. 115cm

3 € 

Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer beads

Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer light yellow. 180cm

7 € 
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