Catalog of decorative items, decorative accessories and gifts for home and garden

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Garland driftwood blue and natural pearls and hearts

Driftwood garland with blue and natural pearls and hearts. 100cm

14 € 

Garland of decoration out of fabric and pearls

Guarland of decoration out of fabric and red pearls and green lights. 115cm

3 € 

Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer beads

Sold -20% is 7,2 € instead of 9 €
Garland of flowers, butterflies and polymer light yellow. 180cm

7,2 € 

Garland of pearls embraces polymer

Garland of pearls, gray polymer that can be used to embrace curtain. 42x2cm Sold -50% is 1.5 € instead of 3 €

1,5 € 

Gift box 9 pieces + sticks to flavor

Gift Box Home Fragrance - Home Fragrance 9 rooms with two bags, one scent stone, 1 bottle of essential oil 30ml 1 cup deco and 4 sticks to flavor; 16x6x16cm

23 € 

Gift idea

23 € 

Glass vase antique pink

Glass vase antique pink, original skewed form, 10x22cm

10 € 

Glass vase green

Sold -20% is 8 € instead of 10 € Glass vase green, skewed original form, 10x22cm

8 € 

Glove with manic Little Chef

Sold -50% is 3,5 € instead of 7 €
Together with a glove and a mitt cream and beige linen with inscription 'Little Chef', child-sized hand or fine; 15x21cm

3,5 € 


Diameter 9cm * H 10cm Goblet of form wide-opened; Grip in pleasant hand.

16 € 

Gray rectangle box deco iron owl

Small box decorative iron gray rectangle with a owl decor, retro decor mountain chalet. 10,5 x8x3, 5cm

3 € 

Handbag handle oval brown and gray faux fur

Small handbag handle oval faux fur with brown and gray zipper. 24x14x18cm

33 € 

Hanger hook wooden cat and zinc

Hanger hook natural wood and zinc gray decor cat 13x12x17cm

5 € 

Hangers decorative resin cat

Coat in beige and white resin with 5 hooks in the shape of cats taped bowtie; 35x5x24cm

23 €