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Magnetic Calendar deco mountain skier

Sold -20% is 7,2 € instead of 9 €
Calendar magnet with metal deco retro mountain skier, 36x24cm

7,2 € 

Magnetic clock S Pastis de Marseille

Small magnetic clock to put on your fridge or any metal object, can also be hung on the wall with its built-in mechanism attaches wall and decorated the old photo with inscription 'Pastis de Marseille' mechanism for cell AA not supplied; 12x2cm

7 € 

Marine birds resin assortment of 4

Set of 4 birds white, beige and blue average size of a bird 8x7x11cm

20 € 

Mask Harlequin

L 8cm * l 4cm * H 11cm Small openwork wall Harlequin mask to celebrate carnival !

18 € 

Mask Sun

Diameter 22cm * l 1cm Mask mural sun.

28 € 

Mask the Moon

L 8cm * l 1cm * H 21,5cm Mask the Moon to be suspended with hangs mural.

26 € 

Mask wolf

Mask openwork ornamental wolf to be put or to be suspended. H 10cm * L 16cm * l 6cm

26 € 

Metal lemonade clock capsule

Clock metal capsule lemonade orange-yellow; mechanism operates with 1 AA battery LR6 (not included) 35x4cm

29 € 

Mortar with pestle

Diameter 16cm * H 12cm Turned very thick to resist the shocks of the pestle.

29 € 

Mortar) pestle solid beech wood mortar or cocktail

Pestle solid beech wood mortar or intended to crush your ingredients for cocktails, 20x4cm

3 € 

Mouse set of 4 mice rustic in polyester and fabrics

Set of 4 mice rustic polyester fabrics and beige, white, blue and brown decor campaign for the home, garden or collectors; Mouse size: 10x17cm

28 € 

Mouse set of 4 mice rustic resin

Set of 4 mice rustic resin beige, white, blue, pink and brown, deco campaign for the home, garden or collectors; Mouse size: 6x6x13cm

23 € 

Mouse ski couple skiers resin winter sport

Mouse ski couple of skiers resin sport well muffled in their hand knitted sweater winter, they are preparing to hit the slopes! 9x8x19cm

16 € 

Mural decoration, old automobile

Mural decoration, old automobile wrought iron brown; 31x3x24cm

24 € 

Mural decoration, old bus van VW

Large wall decor, old drunk Van combi VW Volkswagen wrought iron brown; 54x5x55cm

57 €