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Needles straight VL quartz clock mechanism

2 needle clip metal black satin for the standard clock mechanism or quartz; set of straight needles great contemporary style design.
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Minute needle length: 170mm; (166mm from the axis) inside diameter reinforced clip: 3.8 mm
Needle length time: 203mm; (206mm from the axis) inside diameter reinforced clip: 5.5 mm

2 € 

Nest ceramic vase old pink hanging

Sold -20% is 4 € instead of 5 €
Nest ceramic vase, ceramic old pink color suspend, 9x10cm

4 € 

Nest or feeder perch

Hanging nest; can also be used as feeder. 12x9x9cm

25 € 

Olive-core picnic appetizers

Cocktail picks turned hand with a small compartment built to deposit nuclei or presenting peanuts and cocktail biscuits. L 19cm * l 11cm * H 8cm

26 € 

Openwork Flower bracket

L 30cm * l 12,5cm * H 11cm; 75w maximum Openwork bracket in the shape of petal of flower.

46 € 

Openwork Heart wall lamp

L 30cm * l 12,5cm * H 11cm; 75w maximum Full bracket.

46 € 

Openwork plate LXV

Diameter 23,5cm openwork Plate LXV stamped hand on board circumvented and openwork in the shape of hearts.

32 € 

Oval bread basket bread-white perforated ceramic

Oval bread basket, bread-white perforated tiles; 25x17x8cm

17 € 

Oval handle bag purple Scale

Oval braided handle bag shaped shell with violet and purple beads on handles; 46x22xH52cm

17 € 

Oval inkpot LXV

L 17cm * l 9cm * H 8cm Inkpot oval LXV with removable reserve of ink, holes integrated to lay out 4 penholder and 5 feathers (delivered with a goose feather)

29 € 

Oval mirror in wood look aged by time

Oval mirror with cream-colored wood aged by time appearance, rustic country decor. 45x34x2, 3cm

37 € 

Owl decorative

L 13cm * L 8cm * H 15cm decorative Owl.

27 € 

Paris Bistro Collection Box key red metal

Box key red metal with registration Bistro de Paris; Deco vintage retro design; Click the logo zoom to see inside the box keys; 26,5x13x36cm

68 € 

Paris clock on peg metal rusty brown

High clock deco Paris Baseplate rusty brown metal with Roman numerals, 1889 deco retro design trend; mechanism operating with a battery LR6 AA (not included) 38x22x68cm

63 € 

Pearled mirror

Large round mirror on pearl rim; Diameter 33cm * H 3cm, diameter of mirror: 23cm

32 €