Catalog of decorative items, decorative accessories and gifts for home and garden

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Plate octagonal soup

L 21,5cm * l 21,5cm * H 3cm. Plate soup octagonal in slap modeling.

23 € 

Plate Plate LXV

Diameter 23,5cm. Plate LXV on fashioned rim.

28 € 

Plate soup LXV

Diameter 20,5cm. Soup plate LXV on fashioned rim.

20 € 

Plateau on foot or ceramic tart dish bouquet armoirie

Plateau on foot or ceramic tart dish, earthenware white, blue chromo decorated with garland, flowers and arms; classic deco chic. 28x10cm

42 € 

Plateau on foot or flat ceramic cream pie

Tray on foot or ceramic pie dish, earthenware cream with wreath, heart and arabesques in low relief decoration. 28x28x10cm

30 € 

Pooh Bear Christmas motif in red cloth star of snow

Pooh motif in red wool Christmas star snow 12x16x30cm

12 € 

Pot cotton bud

Diameter 7cm * H 13cm Box cotton bud with grip of lid in the shape of nipple.

27 € 

Pot cotton wool

Diameter 8,5cm * H 15cm Indented pot with heads with grip of lid in the shape of nipple; Designed to receive the cotton wool balls.

28 € 

Pot M gray oval ceramic

Serrated pot sized ceramic gray; 18x9x15cm

5 € 

Pot of discs cotton wool

Diameter 7cm * H 13cm Pot with head openwork to the bottom to receive cotton wool in form of slice; Practice to the last slice !

26 € 

Pot provision ceramic, earthenware white decor peacock blue

Pot provision ceramic, earthenware white decor peacock blue chromo; classic deco chic. 7x10cm

9 € 

Pot series candies

Set of a teapot with 4 teacups and 4 saucers, earthenware of color creams on wrought iron support of brown color. 28x35cm

67 € 

Pot square white ceramic heart decoration

Square pot white ceramic decorated with brown heart in relief 15,5x14,5x13cm

6 € 

Pot to combs

Diameter 8cm * H 11cm Pot with head for combs and brushes with hair.

25 € 

Pot tooth W-c

l 12,5cm * H 23cm Pot tooth W-c with heads Conceived so that the brush remains right.

32 €