Catalog of decorative items, decorative accessories and gifts for home and garden

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Small jug at milk

L 11cm * l 8cm * H 12cm Small turned jug at milk or cream, countenance: 25 cl.

22 € 

Soapdish round

Diameter 11cm * H 5cm Soapdish cockle; Bumps at the bottom of the item makes it possible to preserve the soap at dryness.

16 € 

soap-dish s

L 14,6cm * l 10,6cm * H 3cm Soapdish on indented rim; The bottom is raised small bumps to let the water seep out and thus preserve the soap at dry.

17 € 

Soliflore shaped tube on wooden stand

Soliflore tubular support of natural wood topped with a metal heart. 30x8x8cm

6 € 

Soliflore tube in rattan hanging

Soliflore tubular envelope in a gray and brown rattan, suspend, 22x4cm

3 € 

Spades rabbit flowerpot & garden

2 spades of wood representing of rabbits to delimit your plantations of sowing in your garden or quite simply to embellish your flowerpots or your kitchen garden. 34cm

3 € 

Sponge holder flower

H 9,5 * L 14cm * l 9cm Openwork sponge holder.

29 € 

Sponge holder heart

H 9,5 * L 14cm * l 9cm Openwork sponge holder.

28 € 

Sponger pot

Diameter 13cm * H 10cm Sponger pot where on the one hand you appreciate the decoration, on the other hand you hide sponge !

27 € 


L 26,5cm * l 7,5cm * H 1,5cm Practical to deposit the utensil’s without stain the work-top.

16 € 

Square lantern ankh and perforated metal gray

Square lantern ankh and perforated metal heart light gray 7x7x19cm

9 € 

Square lantern handle brown wrought iron

Wrought iron lantern square brown glazed handle with decorative arabesques. 17x17x18CM

18 € 

Square wall clock gray metal

Large wall clock square gray metal with Roman numerals mechanism works with one AA battery LR6 (not included) 40x40x5cm

69 € 

Sugar bowl turned

Diameter 10cm * H 13cm Turned sugar bowl Grip of the lid in the shape of nipple.

26 € 

Suspension luminaire brushed aluminum and glass

Suspension luminaire brushed aluminum and glass; deco retro vintage, industrial; E27, max 75W (not included) Adjustable height max 122cm x 32cm diameter
Note: To reduce the height, press before on the small button under the pavilion.

59 €