Catalog of decorative items, decorative accessories and gifts for home and garden

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Terrine duck

L 29cm * l 14cm * H 4cm Small dish, ravier for pot of goose or duck foie gras.

26 € 

The judgment of Pâris

Diameter 50cm Very large round dish with the polychrome decoration ''with flowers and medallions'' It is decorated, in the center, of a scene with figures in a medallion surrounded by very light motifs borrowed at the fine piece of wrought iron work; To note the very diversified hues (more than 7), rather rare fact in the productions of Moustiers during the time called to the great fire. Junon and its peacock, Minerve and Venus accompanied by a love, dispute apple of gold thrown by the Discord. Let us recall that this fruit was to be dedicated to most beautiful of the three. Therefore to put fine at the conflict, Mercure accompanies these goddesses in front of the Pâris shepherd. In exchange of this apple, Junon offered Asia to him, Minerve wisdom, but it was Venus which by proposing the love of Helene, accepted apple. A museum piece of Olérys factory and Laugier in Moustiers about 1745 can be admired to the national Museum of Ceramics in Sevres in France.

2142 € 


Diameter 3cm * H 3,5cm Small Thimble for collectors.

11 € 


Diameter 19cm * H 12cm Dish of Provence for the preparation and the cooking of vegetables (ratatouille) and fish (the microwave only supports)

32 € 

Tools of garden on support slate

Tools of garden on decorative slate support with Garden inscription comprising a hoe, a rake and a shovel. 28x41x2cm

9 € 

Towel bar photo wood of time formerly

Towel bar of wood with photograph of time formerly. 20X20X8cm

8 € 

Towel openwork metal raw bird decor

Towel openwork metal raw color with bird decoration. 20x20x9cm

14 € 

Tray handle cheese knife and decorated slate

Tray with handles black slate and designed steel cheese knife, decorative contemporary design. 30x30x3cm

15 € 

Turned round ashtray

Diameter 11 cm * H 2,5cm Turned round ashtray with notches.

16 € 


14 € 

Umbrella brown wrought iron to 6 umbrellas

Umbrella holder brown wrought iron can store 6 umbrellas; object retro chic or classic decoration. 36x36x73cm

92 € 

Unit towel rail

Diameter 9cm Unit towel rail mural, strong practice for those which lack place in the small bathrooms, kitchen or the toilets.

13 € 


72 €