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Wooden clock floated cliff partition

Who does not remember a night with friends guitarists around a wood fire? partition still seems to be engraved in the marble cliff! Wooden clock floated with very silent mechanism operating with 1 LR6 AA battery (not included) unique piece 22x12x4cm

22 € 

Wooden clock floated GM Design

Unique piece
Large wooden clock line driftwood with clean, ideal for contemporary interiors; delicate pastel colors light gray and red ocher; large needles assorted allow you to see what time it is by far! very silent mechanism works with 1 LR6 AA battery (not included) 38x17x2cm

36 € 

Wooden clock floated pine bark gourmet

Unique piece
Large wooden clock floated when the wave motion is still perceptible! but the original is unquestionably its gray delicate pastels, sienna and sand; very silent mechanism works with 1 LR6 AA battery (not included) 34x21x12cm

39 € 

Wooden clock floated Reflection Corsica

Unique piece
This large driftwood in pine bark strangely resembles the Island of Beauty, magical place on which time has no hold! Clock suspend with very silent mechanism operating with 1 LR6 AA battery (not included) 44x19x13cm

39 € 

Wooden hangers set of 3 numbers 1, 2 and 3

Set of 3 digits 1, 2 and 3 wooden hangers gray and brown; 11X17X5CM

11 € 

Wooden tray set of 2 trays handles

Set 2 large handles natural wood trays; 59x36x9cm

35 € 

Wooden wardrobe with 3 drawers lavender decor

Small cupboard 3 drawers beech wood stained gray with white buttons and lavender decor, butterfly and heart seedlings. 13x12x33cm

22 € 

Wrought iron bell bear

Wrought iron small bell brown bear for bell of main door. 24X8X55CM

20 € 

wrought iron Carry-bottles 2 bottles

Carry-bottle handle out of wrought iron of brown color for 2 bottles. 22x12x41cm

27 € 

Wrought iron fountain boat dogs

Functional and decorative fountain boat-shaped wrought iron brown, 4-speed pump fills inaudible faster or slower, depending on your choice, the buckets of the central wheel which start to spin and also actuates the little game which can be routed little dog who hoisted the colors of the boat! 2 removable railings provided (not visible in photo) can be placed on each side of the wheel, remember to fill the boat with water before connecting the pump, the sound produced by the lapping of the water is very pleasant and soothing. I tested it for you;-) 19x10x17cm

90 € 

Wrought iron swing cats

Wrought iron swing brown with 2 chats. 42x9x133cm

27 €