Catalog of decorative items, decorative accessories and gifts for home and garden

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Brush to clean the shoes in the shape of hedgehog

Brush to clean the shoes in the shape of hedgehog gray resin and coconut fiber to the brush. 27x16x14cm

30 € 

Bust of a Woman Marie in white resin

Very large bust of a Woman 'Marie' in white resin; 36x23x58cm

121 € 

Bust of deer hanging in brown resin

Bust deer pendant hanging finely chopped brown resin, wood look with crown of oak leaves; 15x15x34cm

20 € 

Bust of girl in white resin

Big bust girl finely chopped white resin; 27x18x44cm

83 € 

Bust of woman Sophie in white resin

Large bust of woman Sophie in white resin; 19x12x30cm

27 € 

Cabana cushion polyester brown

Large Cabana cushion coton and polyester brown; 40x40cm

23 € 

Cabana cushion polyester ivory

Large Cabana cushion coton and polyester ivory 40x40cm

23 € 

Cabinet 3 drawer natural wood

Small cabinet 3 drawer natural wood with small lavender sachets as a button; 40X11X13CM

14 € 

Calendar of metal, built-in clock and reminder

Sold -30% is 6,3 € instead of 9 € Calendar metal cream, white and brown color with integrated clock and reminder, printing postcard once, perfect for retro decor in the kitchen or dining room. 30x6cm

6,3 € 

Calendar rooster / hen metal

Calendar metal cream and red blood rooster decor with stamped inscription 'Bresse Gallic' 24x32x0,5cm

8 € 

Candle chandelier wrought iron screw brown

Candlestick Cove Candlestick spiral wrought iron brown, the inner vessel of the candle attached to the handle cleverly slides all along the spiral you can easily change the candle and present it differently depending on its position; 10x10x21cm

11 € 

Candle lamp VL in painted blue wood with shade

Large painted wood candlestick lamp blue and brown; shade gray fabric; 23x50cm

43 € 


Diameter 14cm * H 9cm Edge and body with a bell-shaped rim; Ambiance romantic guarantee !

29 € 

Candlestick candlestick ceramic blue and brown

Ceramic candlestick alternating judiciously a weathered old-brushed matte cream color accented with blue and brown with gray core cracked enamel blue gray appearance, 11x32cm

15 € 

Candlestick lamp deer G + iron and resin shade

Large brown iron candlestick lamp spirit decor mountain sculpture of a deer in resin shade fabric plaid cream and brown 23x23x50cm

41 €