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Candlestick lamp l

Diameter 30cm * H 45cm; 75w maximum Large lamp in the shape of candlestick with lampshade in fabric.

45 € 

Candlestick lamp with stained wood shade

Candlestick lamp stained wood with fabric shade blue night 12x12x40cm

41 € 

Candlestick on foot out of floated wooden

Candlestick on foot out of wooden floated with cup of the wrought iron candlestick. 20x20x43cm

30 € 

Candlestick photophore out of glass wood and wrought iron

Candlestick photophore out of glass suspended on wrought iron and wooden support. 11x37cm

9 € 

Candy L turned round hand

Large box turned out to sweets, condiments or trash table, taking the lid shaped nipple. 14xH18cm

34 € 

Car 2CV (two horses) metal

Citroen 2CV celebrates metal red, white and black; 11x7x7cm

17 € 

Carry-bottles P in gray reed

Carry-bottles in gray reed for 4 bottles with handle. 24X24X29CM basket making

19 € 

Cat and kitten fishermen brown resin

Large brown resin sculpture, cat and kitten fishermen apparently it bites! posing on the edge of a cabinet, shelf or window; 31x13x38cm (sold without the display base)

27 € 

Cat decorative with leg in the air

Decorative cat with leg in the air, H 14x13x12cm

28 € 

Cats couple fishermen brown resin

Great pair of brown resin cat fishermen, apparently fishing was good! 12x6x28cm

18 € 

Celadon Collection drink cups

Flat with 3 compartments for drinks ceramic green celadon. 35x13x4cm

12 € 

Ceramic bird sparrow 2

Sold -25% is 1;5 € instead of 2 €
Sparrow lying, snow and bundled up to withstand the rigors of winters, cream-colored and raw ceramic; deco mountain 9x6x8cm

1,5 € 

Ceramic bird sparrow sitting 1

Sold -25% is 1,5 € instead of 2 €
Sparrow sitting, snow and wrapped to withstand harsh winters, cream-colored ceramic and raw; deco mountain 9x6x8cm

1,5 € 

Ceramic bowl, earthenware white decor bouquet flowers

Very large lamp shaped candle holder with shade cloth. Diameter 35cm * H 45cm (H 65cm with shade) E27 75w max A single copy in stock

63 € 

Ceramic bowl, earthenware white decor sowing

Ceramic bowl, earthenware white with blue chromo sowing; classic deco chic. 14x8cm

10 €