Household linen
Set, way or center of table, tablecloth, bag, curtain, manic, plaid or cushion…

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Beige cotton gingham tablecloth rectangle red and burgundy

Cotton gingham tablecloth rectangle beige and burgundy; 140x250cm

21 € 

Box enclosure Roses Romance

Roses Romance package box, 9 bags beige and gray for home fragrance; 4X3X6CM

19 € 

Cabana cushion polyester brown

Large Cabana cushion coton and polyester brown; 40x40cm

19 € 

Cabana cushion polyester ivory

Large Cabana cushion coton and polyester ivory 40x40cm

19 € 

Cotton cushion red with white stripes

Cushion loops red cotton with white stripes. 40x40cm

11 € 

Curtain in flax Countryside

Large curtain in flax of cream-coloured and beige color with inscription “Countryside”. 135x300cm

34 € 

Cushion cotton bear decor mountains

Cushion cotton brown bear decor mountains; 55x29x12cm

19 € 

Cushion polyester blue and white gingham

Sold -40% is 9 € instead of 15 € Cushion polyester gingham blue and white, 40x40cm

9 € 

Cushion polyester gingham red and white

Cushion polyester gingham red and white, 40x40cm

12 € 

Cushion rectangle polyester blue and white gingham

Sold -40% is 10 € instead of 17 €
Large rectangle cushion in blue and white gingham polyester 35x60cm

10 € 

Cushion set of 3 small square cushions

Set of 3 small square decorative pillows of cream, gray and dusty pink; 18x18cm

7 € 

Door stop polyester fabric

Door stop polyester fabric beige and white decor with wooden apple brown 12x24cm

7 € 

Doorstop shaped bag

Doorstop shaped cotton bag red and cream 15x9x19cm

11 € 

Gift box 9 pieces + sticks to flavor

Gift Box Home Fragrance - Home Fragrance 9 rooms with two bags, one scent stone, 1 bottle of essential oil 30ml 1 cup deco and 4 sticks to flavor; 16x6x16cm

19 € 

Glove with manic Little Chef

Sold -50% is 3,5 € instead of 7 €
Together with a glove and a mitt cream and beige linen with inscription 'Little Chef', child-sized hand or fine; 15x21cm

3,5 € 

Handbag handle oval brown and gray faux fur

Small handbag handle oval faux fur with brown and gray zipper. 24x14x18cm

26 € 

Pendant is cloth scented room

Pendant is suspended room scented fabric with a small ceramic heart, a face in French the other English. 15x7x11cm

7 € 

Pendant tissue red heart-shaped

Sold -25% is 2 € instead of 3 €
Pendant tissu red, white, black and beige heart-shaped, 9x10cm

2 € 

Pendant Welcome scented fabric

Pendant is suspended Welcome scented fabric with a small ceramic heart, a face in French the other English. 15x7x11cm

7 € 

Pendants tissue scented heart-shaped

4 pendants heart shaped cotton, perfect for scenting perfume Ocean drawer, car or bathroom 10x10x2, 5cm

12 € 

Pendentive of door of kitchen out of fabric

Pendentive of door of kitchen in flax, 1 face in French the other in English. 27x11cm

3 € 

Set of table cotton creams beige

Set of reversible table padded piqué, cream-coloured color and beige, decoration of foliage; Fabric 100% cotton. 35x48cm

7 € 

Set of two suitcases, bags and wood tissues world map

Set of two suitcases, travel bags covered wooden decor fabric world map, leather handles and closure brown iron deco exotic. 39x26x14, 5cm + 33x21x12cm

75 € 

Small gift box 3 Sachets

Ribboned gift box containing 3 scented cushions; 10x10x10cm

9 € 

Tassel scarf in purple polyester

Tassel scarf in purple polyester; 70x180cm

7 € 
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